Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I heard a lion squeak and a kitten roar.

Progress on my painting of that sketch...!!! I'm working on mixing tight line drawings with painterly elements... not 100% done yet but I'm really happy with the progress, and learning new ways of manipulating the window, and new medias in use :)

Finally, in honor of the solstice, the sunset from my studio window!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I don't believe in believin' in nothin.

Forgive the lack of blogging, please! I finished up the logo for Roni Kobrosly's Rochester Study of Healthy Minds and Bodies. This project was definitely a departure from what I normally do, and it was a great learning experience for expanding my repertoire of projects. I'm really happy with how the final image came out!

I'm working on my next show, slated for September, which is bike themed. I actually drew this sketch out on a day where I was a bit stressed out about cycling.

Now it's in the works to becoming a multi layered window piece! Yay!

The final will have the stone wall, and a bright sky background. I want to utilize some new medias for this piece.

Finally, I rode the 65 mile leg of the Rochester Sage-Rutty Tour de Cure for Team Chain Reaction this past weekend! The completion of this marked the first team sport that I've actively participated in since I played soccer (very badly) in 6th grade. I feel like it was a milestone for my personal athleticism, and it definitely made me want to participate in more tours... both in Rochester and elsewhere. There's something to be said about experiencing an area with just you, your bike, the countryside, and your thoughts. Some might say it's my personal zen.