Sunday, August 29, 2010

This time tomorrow

It was a frustrating day in the studio today. I'm trying to get my fliers made up for the tweed ride that I'm organizing for October 23. I had a great photo shoot (thanks to Kira for assisting) followed by a few sketches that just didn't quite do it for me. Cramped hands and a loss of patience led me to scrap the project for the evening, to revisit at a later time with a fresh perspective.

This was my inspiration for the piece. The artist is Rory Kurtz, whose glorious details and dynamic compositions make me want to work harder and do more! I first noticed him because this illustration graced the cover of Bicycle Times.

All was not lost in the studio today! I submitted an altered version of the lion lino for the Rochester Independent Music Festival (check out the nice little writeup on the side of the page). The talented designer/festival organizer Josh Reed designed the type around the image, making for a poster I am excited to see ALL OVER DOWNTOWN. I'm also going to be taking part in the festival with some live painting and selling some prints, so be sure to check me (and all of the talented bands) out!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

print, please

You may remember this guy from an earlier post in my blog... Mr. George Eastman... for the Eastman School of Music:

Well, today, I got my copy of the tee shirt he is printed on! It looks pretty sweet! Tons of Eastman freshmen will be wearing these shirts this week!!!!!

Oh, and a Bonzai tree sketch I've been working on.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

surprises for boss lady

Linda and I prettified the boss' new office today with some sunflowers on the wall. Finished painting:

KItchen Statement:

Linda hard at work:

Sunday, August 15, 2010

i could paint a picture with a pen

Progress on the Danger Mouse (aka Brian Burton) project!!! Final sketch:

Layer two of the print:

Almost finished piece for my show in December:

Sunday, August 8, 2010

your bottle is empty, but your glass has been filled.

Ever since I saw the film Exit Through the Gift Shop, my eyes have been peeled for new and different graffiti in my city. There's a sweet bike tour coming up in Rochester to tour graffiti around the city, what could possibly be better??!!! I noticed this new guy on my way to Pittsford this morning.

It was a week of some sweet bike rides, including one out to Charlotte Beach. There was the most beautiful weather, although no swimming.

This was on a ride home from Wegmans after seeing SOME STUDIO SPACES IN THE HUNGERFORD BUILDING! That's right, as of September I will be amongst some of my friends renting a studio in this wonderful building... and it will be my first studio outside of my house since I was in undergrad. I got to explore a few studios of friends who work there currently, which only fed my excitement tenfold. A perfect evening capped off with a glorious sunset!

One of my friends at a group ride had this sticker on his bike, which I had to send immediately to my Prius-lovin-parents. Tee hee :)

Woooo sketchbook! It's about time I drew the man who has the midas touch when it comes to collaborations in music, Danger Mouse, aka Brian Burton. I've loved (and still do love) so many of the things he's had a hand in during the past few years. I've also secretly wanted an afro all of my life... and drawing it helped me live vicariously through his.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

every garden can grow, every mouth can form a smile.

Making mailers is a lot of fun, but today I got into making actual art for a music-themed show out of the original mailer art. I have a lot of really good art that's just not ready for a show. Today I found the records that I bought at a thrift store for about 25 cents each, and decided that they would make a PERFECT canvas for music inspired art. Below, the gentlemen of Walri.

The old Langhorne Slim/birds print :)

Langhorne mailer, deconstructed.

I feel like this piece may need one or two more records as the backing, as Jeff is falling off almost completely.

I pose this question to you: