Monday, May 19, 2008


our bamerick is getting married this fall! this is the design for her invitation.


dear blog,
this piece was for a digital mixed media class. our assignment was to personify a natural disaster. i chose new orleans and flooding as an excuse to draw more musicians. I also experimented more with layering in photoshop and playing around with the colors. here's a little of what my process goes like.
the first block i cut and printed looked like this:
block #2 printed:
the rest was digital magic, ladies and gentlemen.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

day in the park

dear blog,
recently i had a bit of an illustration freak out, and wanted to improve my quality of work. i wanted to make my work look more professional, and include more environments. being in a portfolio prep class awarded me the freedom to do a new piece on whatever i wanted. since i love drawing musicians, i started from there. luckily, i had obtained some new linoleum blocks and colored inks for my birthday! i then made two prints, and put them together in photoshop. this is the result of my arduous work. i'm rather pleased, if i do say so myself.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

new blog? new blog!!!

Ahoy hoy my fellow blogarians. Happy mother's day to the motherblog. The time has come for me to start blogging again. I've been doing new linoleum techniques, starting with the one that I did following my last sketch. I was pretty pleased with it, but I feel that I've come a long way since this one. On top is the mailer layout that I did (without type), and below, I used the image for a sweet sweet jazz in the square poster.