Saturday, February 26, 2011

while the sun is bright, or in the darkest night, no one knows.

The boss lady's birthday is coming up again, this year I'm making some gift cards for Orange Glory, since ours have been a little lacking for a few years, and I'll be printing up about 250 of them. This is the image I have so far, next comes the type!!!

I've been working on sketching more, I feel like since I was in "show mode", my sketchbook got neglected, so I set up a still life that I've been drawing from this past week. I love the angles in the dried roses.

I taught a master class at SUNY Geneseo this week about painting on windows, and my friend Chris was cool enough to dress up as Beethoven and model for us! This was my painting from the class... also... they wrote a sweet sweet review of my show there, check it out here.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

wake me up

This past Wednesday was my opening at SUNY Geneseo's Kinetic Gallery! What a joy it was to walk in and see my huge poster outside the gallery.... what an honor!!! It always helps when your likeness is on it :)

Before the show, I walked through the town of Geneseo... small and quaint, and not without your sweet little cruiser with a nice wire front basket! AHEM BIKENERD.

Getting back on track in the studio, I'm preparing some art for a wine store and a restaurant in April! I started tonight with a still life, and would you believe it, there were some empty wine bottles hanging around the studio. I am very excited to work from life again, and two of my favorite things! Food and wine!!! Then again, do I draw anything that I'm not passionate about?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

there's always a siren singing you to shipwreck

My next gallery show is hung! Opening tomorrow at the Kinetic Gallery at SUNY Geneseo! It is SUCH a relief to have it up, everything looks FANTASTIC!


Friday, February 11, 2011

there's a gap in between

What happens when two Carlas meet? Well, in this case, I met this lovely Carla Morris at a craft fair in early September at Artist's Row right after a fabulous weekend at Indie Fest. Taken by her cute hair clips and awesome hats, I took a peek. Upon seeing her name was Carla, I instantly went into an introduction of how we are comrades with the same sweet name. I bought some hair clips in hopes to wear them to work at Orange Glory, then on a bike date with a boy I'd had my eye on. It turned out that she had a show coming up at Orange Glory! Down the road, we talked about designing a nice header for her etsy/blog/website (my, how marketing illustration has changed in the past ten years!). I'm proud to present the FINAL LOGO!!!!!

I'm hanging my show at SUNY Geneseo in the Kinetic Gallery next Monday, opening on Wednesday! This is a brand new piece that I'm working on for that, a painting of a hipster violinist taken in Williamsburg this past September.

For this show, I'm also framing up original prints with the original drawings, then on a pedestal underneath I'll have the original linoleum block on display as well, which will help the students understand my process. Also on display near these will be the digital output prints of these illustrations!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I see the world through a rearview mirror.

We were supposed to get a snowstorm of gigantic proportions here in Rochester. The result was a little disappointing, but I made candied bacon for breakfast regardless.

I finished my piece about the peaceful solitude of winter. The elegance, the grace, the quiet that snow can create.

East Boulevard in the snowstorm. Really good conditions for brisk urban skiing. Snowy nights have the most beautiful light to them, when the sky and the ground are a golden white with the yellow light of the lamp posts, the glittery snow falling rapidly.

An urban skiing adventure led to new discoveries in Rochester. In this photo, a gate that leads to a courtyard behind some very nice houses on Hawthorne.