Friday, December 27, 2013

She's a never-ending story.

2013 has passed us by, and here we are looking at a new change, a new beginning. It has been a busy month for me! Moving to Portland changed my winters, as I've seen maybe an inch of snow since I've gotten here. To cope with the change, I'm drawing snow quite a bit! I drew this up for the winter solstice, and just printed some for my etsy. I'm not very well-versed (get it?) on poetry, but I really love this one.

This is a shot of just the first layer, which I was really pleased with.

It was such a pleasure to work with Take Berlin on this tour poster.

I had some fun with this "tea rex". I gave one to my mom and she didn't get it, and asked why a lizard was pouring tea. You can't win them all!

I love cooking, and Julia Child, so I made some limited edition printed aprons. I'd love to do more of these in the future.

I did my first show poster for a Portland show that my friend organized! It was really fun to work on, and the show was for a great cause.

I have had this elephant image shifting around in my mind for awhile now, so I finally made a final project with it, that relates to my yoga practice.

I made a print of it too! Prints for everything :)

I finished up this Neverland illustration for a tattoo design that my friend is getting. I really can't wait to see it inked on flesh.

It was a real pleasure to finally work with the guys from 28 North on this tee shirt design! It makes me want to draw more space themed illustrations.

These dog paintings were a commission for a Christmas present. I love drawing animals, and I know both of these dogs, so that was an added bonus.

Finally, a fun little painting on wood. I'm getting ready to hang two shows in January, and this will go in one of them!