Monday, September 26, 2011


Hello! Posting from the new studio (finally!). It took me a long time to move in, so thanks to everyone for their patience. I took a hiatus from art for the beginning of September after having a crazy busy August. The Babes and Bikes art opening went very well, thanks to all who attended! The work is still up at Orange Glory Cafe. Below, a photo from the Babes and Bikes opening.
I also still have work up at Wine Sense, so please go check it out there too! Wine + art = happiness.
I'm very excited to be taking part in an awesome group show for 1975 Gallery which is Halloween themed, called "By the Pale Moonlight". I've been looking to my favorite "horror" artist, Edward Gorey, for some sweet linework and inspiration. Recently, I went to our wonderful Dryden Theatre and saw "The Abominable Dr. Phibes". What a beautifully weird horror movie! Made in the 60's, set in the 20's, with many weird ways of killing people, and a phenomenally twisted plot. Vincent Price's character is phenomenal. Below, a piece inspired from the movie.
Vincent Price himself is pretty fun to draw! I watched House on Haunted Hill yesterday and loved the beginning where his floating head tells you what's going on in the beginning.
Finally, something that encompasses everything I've just been over, PLUS Jim Henson's 75th birthday the other day! Love the "Vincent twice, Vincent twice" and the pseudo-Edward-Gorey animation to open it up!