Monday, September 23, 2013

A spoonful of sugar is all it takes.

Happy Autumn to everyone! September is always such a great, busy month. I feel like it's trained into us as we grow up and go through school, starting school is almost like a new year, a rebirth. When I would start a fresh new school year I remember the new clothing, the new backpacks, pens, and binders. I remember the resolutions made at the start of a school year... this year I would stay more organized, do all of my homework early, get straight A's. Five years out of college, I still make those resolutions. This fall brings a big change to me, as I am moving from Rochester, the city I've lived in since I transferred to RIT seven years ago, to start a new adventure in Portland, OR. I've been incredibly blessed to be busy with projects up until I leave, with some projects on deck for when I get out there. To begin with, (585) Magazine published a wonderful article about yours truly and the poster work that I do. Below, a photo of yours truly in my current studio.

Halloween is on its way! It's always a pleasure to be involved with the group shows at 1975 Gallery. This is my piece for the skull-themed "Volo Calvariam". I love drawing skulls, but I needed a new challenge. I took some inspiration from Edward Gorey, and decided to challenge myself with fitting in as many skulls as I could. This piece features EIGHTEEN SKULLS!

I've loved Andrew Bird for quite awhile. I also enjoy doing portraits for my warm-up drawings. Finally, I love the rain.

I did a series of tee shirt designs for The Barn Owl. These were a lot of fun!

I'm so excited to be working with Righteous Babe Records on some new projects. Below, a tee shirt design for Ms. Ani. I was incredibly intimidated to draw a portrait for her, but I do love to challenge myself.

I'm finishing up some last minute window paintings. I was lucky enough to sell all of the ones that I had before shipping out West, as windows do not travel well.

This past April I attended the National Poster Retrospecticus when it came through 1975 gallery here in Rochester. I was STUNNED by the show... as a poster artist, it was so inspiring. I told my friend who was with me that I wanted to be in that show in five years. This summer, I emailed the guy in charge, asking how one goes about this. He emailed me back, asking me to send over some prints of my moon mice to be part of the show! Sometimes, all you need to do is ask.

Finally, a piece I did for Mindful Rochester.