Saturday, May 26, 2012

this is the way...

I finished my new poster for my upcoming show at the Owl House on July 9 from 6-9pm!!!! YAY!!!
And... my first new painting for the space! I have to fill the upstairs and downstairs! Eek!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Waltzing Matilda

This was really nice, I had a lovely exchange with a client who sent me a picture of my painting in her new fancy schmancy loft apartment!! I love the brick wall, of course :)
I had an art opening last Friday! The show is still up at Orange Glory Cafe and will be for quite awhile. After that, I have a July show booked at The Owl House and a show in September at Roc Brewing Company!!! As if I wasn't busy enough. Below, shots of the Glory show.
Oh hey, it's spring. Here's a beautiful shot of the zen center in Batavia, NY.
And here's a shot of my noble steed. We've been out on a lot of adventures so far!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Biscuits and gravy!?

Some new paintings for my upcoming show on May 11! The subjects come straight from the posters, which will also be for sale! For example, painting:
My third pig painting that I've sold, based on the one across the bar at Lento!
Yesterday my friend Tony showed me around the AWESOME letterpress shop that he works out of, Dock 2 Letterpress! It was such an awesome place, and it was really great to chat with someone who prints as a full time job. I had a BALL! I can't wait to do some work there!