Monday, February 18, 2013

You are my lucky star, I saw you from afar.

Wow, I didn't realize that it had been over a month since I blogged last! 2013 has been wonderful and crazy all at once, and it's only just begun. I'll start off with my second linoleum block print of 2013, Mr. T-Rex bicycle commuter. What a cutie pie!

I got to take a trip in the beginning of the month to visit my brother in Brooklyn for his birthday. I got to attend my first gallery opening in Chelsea, How and Nosm at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery. These boys did a wonderful mural that I see almost daily here in Rochester! One thing I love about visiting NYC is taking the train, and buying magazines for my ride home. I always end up with fun photo reference, on the way home I ended up drawing Mr. Walken here:

My art store gave me some brush pens to play around with, and I did a little. I love fashion magazines with makeup advertisements, they're always so glamourous!

I was honored to take part in the Boys vs. Girls show at The Yards at the beginning of the month! It was my first time participating (with fourteen other lovely ladies) in a collaborative installation project. Late at night after cutting and gluing cardboard for hours, things don't always feel awesome, but when everything was finished and we cleaned up for the opening it was SPECTACULAR! Here's a shot of the nautical corner I worked on with a few others:

Here's a shot of an octopus I'm quite proud of and some of the paneling I did on the ship's exterior:

My piece for the show was a mermaid! It was really nice to have a break from my usual media to tap into other parts of my creativity.

SPEAKING OF NAUTICAL THINGS, I went down to Buffalo this past week and one of the stops was Righteous Babe Records!!! I got to pick up my tee shirts, including this jellyfish Ani logo one, and I got to finally take my Righteous Babe pose pic :D
I brought along one of my best friends, Melissa, who introduced me to Ani Difranco's music when we were both angsty teenage girls. We both got to tour the church where the offices are held, and one of my favorite things we saw in the offices was this Philip Burke painting. When I was in fine arts school, unsure of where I was headed, seeing Philip Burke's portrait work for Rolling Stone helped me make the decision to head into the field of illustration. This portrait of Ani was featured in the Rolling Stone table of contents page.

Here's some more anatomy illustrations based on my yoga practice! Your hips don't lie:

Proper posture is SO IMPORTANT to everything in life!

I'll close with one of my absolute favorite poses that makes me feel so strong when I do it! NAMASTE