Tuesday, November 30, 2010

we know the smells and the sounds, we know a lot of people. we know the way things go down.

Sorry it's been so long on the blogging :) I've been working on this new piece, and I'm extremely frustrated with the face at this point. It's so close to completion, and yet so far away... I need to spend some time away from it so that it can come to me.

I ate a lot of meat over this past holiday, including this delicious beef enchilada while shopping on black Friday in Woodstock, New York with the family. I swore I wouldn't shop on black Friday... but it doesn't count in a cute hippie touristy town with little shops instead of a big old mall, right?

I spent the holiday with some family, and we visited some of those who are no longer with us.

A sketch I'm working on for a lino of penny farthings! How fun! I'm going to be working on this piece for the show (that's right, SHOW) on JANUARY 15 AT ORANGE GLORY. This Friday is also a showing of work, please come visit me in the Hungerford Building in my studio! It's number 345, and you will be able to not only buy my own prints, but art from Caitlin Yarsky and Fawn Brokaw as well. SWEEEEEEEEEET.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

you, to me, are sweet as roses in the morning.

I've mentioned it before, and I will again, I absolutely love drawing hair and the wrinkles in clothing. Recently, I received a beautiful gift of a book about (what else?) the history of bicycles. I was amazed to find vintage bike posters by such prominent artists as Mucha (MASTER OF HAIR AND WRINKLES IN CLOTHING) and Toulouse-Lautrec. These posters were made before cars, even! An example of a Mucha below:

Is there a point to this rant? OF COURSE THERE IS! I recently slated an ACTUAL OPENING date for a show at Orange Glory... AKA A DEADLINE. God knows I needed one. Thinking of the first piece for the show (which will also be the promotional mailer) I thought back to all of the times that I have skipped bike events for the studio lately. I guess this is my retribution. The final will most likely be mixed media.

A final thought, one that has recurred about five times to me today, "We always condemn most in others... that which we most fear in ourselves." Working on not being as judgemental of others...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The arena is empty, except for one man.

Last night was the official BOUT FOR BOOBIES!!!!!! It was so much fun to hang out with the fellow artists who did breast casts for the cause, the roller girls, and the fabulous people of Rochester who came out to support the cause! Together, we raised $4000 for the Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester! WHAT WHAT!

My dear old friend Jen (whom you may remember from a previous post) has a fabulous new blog about the things she sends out in the mail... handmade with love, of course. She was kind enough to write nice things about me on her blog as well :) I love getting mail, what a pleasant surprise! I took the bag out shopping at the public market this weekend.

The holiday season is nearly upon us, and I finished up the image for the front of the postcard today! Very ski-centric, the postcard is about EMBRACING THE WINTER. Year after year I'm overwhelmed with the amount of people who live in Upstate New York who constantly complain when the season is upon us. Love it or leave it, suckers!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

All I wanted was a good song, and a fair friend.

I recently started a local musician series, for a themed show. My first painting was finished today, Seth Faergolzia of Dufus, during the final Dufus show at the Cakeshop in Manhattan. Surprise, Seth! Sorry for the crappy photo of the painting :(

It seems like there are craft fairs going on every weekend in Rochester. This weekend a few good friends were in the Mayday Underground craft fair, so I stopped in to visit. I was reminded again how much I want to take a letterpress class when I saw Dock 2 Letterpress' booth. This poster from them suited me quite perfectly.

The holidays are quickly approaching, as is SKI SEASON. I was reminded of my love affair with old ski posters recently.

I've been sketching out some ski gestures in preparation for my holiday card :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

i. am. a. road.

Final piece for Backwords. I hope you like it, gentlemen. I felt the "starburst" background added that Americana feel that their music encapsulates so well.

Monday, November 1, 2010

I destroyed my cell phone, because I self-own.

Happy (post) Halloween! I had a blast this weekend :) My costume was Rosie the Riveter, empowering ladies everywhere. An actual picture of my costume will appear when I actually get one :)

My coworker, Rich, celebrates his birthday on October 21. I felt the need to finally succumb to his request for a lighthouse painting. Every single art show that I have he says "if you had a lighthouse painting, I'd buy it". Well, tomorrow, he can have one for free :)

More work on the buffalo... thinking about a design for the exterior, since it seems so stark.