Sunday, November 14, 2010

The arena is empty, except for one man.

Last night was the official BOUT FOR BOOBIES!!!!!! It was so much fun to hang out with the fellow artists who did breast casts for the cause, the roller girls, and the fabulous people of Rochester who came out to support the cause! Together, we raised $4000 for the Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester! WHAT WHAT!

My dear old friend Jen (whom you may remember from a previous post) has a fabulous new blog about the things she sends out in the mail... handmade with love, of course. She was kind enough to write nice things about me on her blog as well :) I love getting mail, what a pleasant surprise! I took the bag out shopping at the public market this weekend.

The holiday season is nearly upon us, and I finished up the image for the front of the postcard today! Very ski-centric, the postcard is about EMBRACING THE WINTER. Year after year I'm overwhelmed with the amount of people who live in Upstate New York who constantly complain when the season is upon us. Love it or leave it, suckers!

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