Sunday, January 13, 2013

There's always a siren singing you to shipwreck.

This January marked a special anniversary in my life! It has been exactly one year since I started my journey of my yoga practice, and I have to thank all of the lovely instructors and just the entire community at Tru Yoga. I entered my practice as a way to protect my body while training for my first century bike ride, and it quickly became a much broader part of my life. While chatting with one of my instructors about my anatomy and breakfast series, it became clear that the natural progression would be to take the anatomy drawings into a yoga notes series. Here are the first two for that series:
This poster was the first one of the year! While driving around during the holidays, I re-discovered my Kingsley Flood cds, and I decided to find out when I could see them next. Lo and behold, they are scheduled to play Rochester March 8. I quickly emailed the band, and they were super nice and said I could make a poster! I will be selling a limited edition screenprint of the poster at the show.
You can now see more of my process work on my FB Business Page. Next up: more mermaids and some dimensional stuff I have cooking!