Monday, May 13, 2013

It's arithmetic, baby, 123.

Spring is here! The "Your Body" Anatomy Show opened at Orange Glory this past Saturday. Since I haven't updated in quite awhile, there's quite a bit to catch up on!
Below, some sketchbooking. I had some projects that I was working on which included likenesses to the people involved, so some facial sketchbooking was in order. Cameron Diaz, anyone?

This is the last piece that I made for the Anatomy Show before I hung it up! Sadly, and happily, it has already sold.

I had the privilege of working with my first international band recently! Phly Boyz are a really fun group of guys, based out of France, who travel throughout Europe (and beyond) to play private parties. Their videos showcase the energy and charisma that the band encompasses! Below, the concept sketch:

The final illustration:

On the drawing board, currently, Mister Thom Yorke. This image is for a self-promotional mailer coming out this month with the launch of... CARLABARTOW.COM! It's almost finished, and I can't wait to get it out there and become one step more professional... and start marketing my illustrations to more music publications and record labels.

Another piece that went into the Anatomy Show, since I love skulls, and diver's helmets, and of course, flowers.

One of my best friends is moving to Florida and opening up a restaurant in the fall! I'm so proud to be working with them in this new venture in their lives.

I'll close out with two more anatomy drawings, arguably some of my favorites in the show. It's amazing to me, when working on a themed show, how different periods of working on the show take on their own sub-genres, and these two belong in a sub-genre of their own.