Monday, November 18, 2013

Portlandia style

Hello! I moved to Portland, Oregon from Rochester, New York. WOW! I drove across the country with an old friend, got stuck on the way, and had a great American adventure. The past month and a half here have been a happy blur of yoga, cycling, art, running, beer, and making new friends. Change is the ultimate tonic. I've neglected this blog in favor of microblogging; my instagram and facebook illustrator page. But, here's a short recap for you;
When I landed, I had a sublet for a month and a half. There was a time of not feeling totally grounded. At the start of this month, I moved into the most wonderful house. I have three awesome roommates, two cats in residence, and TWO CHICKENS! I eat fresh eggs every day (I freaking love eggs), and visit them in the backyard quite a bit. Our seven month old kitty likes to chase them, it's really funny. So, my first project in my permanent house was a chicken print! It's also available on my etsy.

I'm currently working on this really fun "Neverland" themed illustration. I re-watched the old Mary Martin version of Peter Pan as research for this illustration. it was a lot of fun!

This past weekend I worked with The Art of Shaving's Seattle store, doing live window painting. This was a sketch that I did to prepare myself for the project.

I've been doing a series of drawings on the days of famous musicians' birthdays, just for fun. Neil Young's birthday was November 12.

My first project when I landed in Portland was AMAZING. When I first started doing show posters, I had no idea what to do with type. A friend showed me the old Fillmore posters, and my life, and art, was changed forever. It was such an honor to work with them! Even better, I got to draw my cat, Madeye. When I moved across the country, I surrendered her to my parents. It was hard to say goodbye, and this tribute helped the transition.

I wanted to make a holiday card this year, because moving really made me want to stay in touch with friends all over the country on a more intimate level. I'll be printing these bad boys up soon, and sending them out.

Here are some of the window paintings that I got to do at The Art of Shaving this past weekend in Seattle. This was also my first time visiting Seattle in 12 years! It's really great to be so close, and I got to see old friends as well, which is an added bonus.

Here's Joni Mitchell! Her birthday was November 7.

This is another warm up drawing that I did for The Art of Shaving. They started in NYC, so I got to draw the Brooklyn Bridge.

I recently visited the Portland Art Museum and saw their Samurai exhibit! WOW! My favorite part of it was the masks for the horses.

Finally, a portrait of Jonny Greenwood, mainly known for his work in Radiohead, and also a composer. I love his soundtrack work that he has done. His birthday was November 5.