Monday, July 18, 2011

Whale fight!!!

I've been catering a lot lately, lots of parties poolside. The heat is relentless, and it hasn't really rained for three weeks. Today we had two teaser rainfalls, followed by insane heat and humidity. It's really becoming hard to work late in the studio while you're sweating profusely. Below, a piece inspired by the catering, and my absolute love of Julia Child. I'm thinking that My Life in France will be my next read :)

Some new (rough) sketches for the bike show. BIKE SHOW! I need to have a mailer piece by next week, because I want to start distributing mailers in August. I'm thinking this tour-de-France gentleman may become a lino, racing with others.

A lovely lady on the pier. Something funky about her foot to work out.

Finally, some gramophones sketches for a music festival logo :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

I like my sugar cereal but it makes my teeth bacterial.

Today is the first rest day for the Tour de France riders, and boy, do they need it. There have been a ton of crashes so far, including one that involved a car clipping a cyclist and sending them into barbed wire! Yeesh. I really wanted to ride at least 20 miles of each day of the tour, but life got in the way :( Hats off to them!

Some sketches for a music festival bring me back to my old favorite diver's helmet, and, I have to say, a welcome break from bike drawings/paintings. It's very difficult for me to do a themed show, since once I start drawing only one thing, it seems like I want to draw anything but that subject.

I'm really fond of this one!

You may remember this old guy from 2009. Still love him!

My studio= so hot. My face= melting. Motivation= gone. Perhaps an air conditioned coffeeshop for the evening for some life drawing.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

indie pen dance.

Good morning, blog! Well... evening. Having recently moved, I have a lot to catch up on. I'm loving the summer, and the new crazy-busy-lifestyle that somehow differs from the crazy winter-busy-lifestyle. Somehow, the summer seems more tiring! I've been plugging away in the studio on pieces for the September bike show at Orange Glory, below is a warm-up sketch from last week. I'm really excited about the background patterns going on in this one, and would like to bring that into more of my finished work.

Here's a lady that may look very familiar to you, I met her in Austin in March with her fabulous bicycle. I finally got her out of the sketchbook and on real watercolor paper!!!!

The watercolored lady:

Mounted on the star. Probably some more ornamentation going on this one before hanging!