Monday, July 11, 2011

I like my sugar cereal but it makes my teeth bacterial.

Today is the first rest day for the Tour de France riders, and boy, do they need it. There have been a ton of crashes so far, including one that involved a car clipping a cyclist and sending them into barbed wire! Yeesh. I really wanted to ride at least 20 miles of each day of the tour, but life got in the way :( Hats off to them!

Some sketches for a music festival bring me back to my old favorite diver's helmet, and, I have to say, a welcome break from bike drawings/paintings. It's very difficult for me to do a themed show, since once I start drawing only one thing, it seems like I want to draw anything but that subject.

I'm really fond of this one!

You may remember this old guy from 2009. Still love him!

My studio= so hot. My face= melting. Motivation= gone. Perhaps an air conditioned coffeeshop for the evening for some life drawing.


Joe said...

That underwater tank mask thing is really beautiful!

CarlaJ said...

Thanks Joe!