Saturday, June 15, 2013

She was a young American.

I've been working more on my Thom Yorke self-promotional illustration for my website launch! The website is still being finished up.... it's almost there! In the meantime, I did create an etsy for my posters. Here is the print of the Thom Yorke illustration:

Here's the final illustration! I got a little obsessive about the diagonals in this composition, and I'm quite pleased with the "flow".

I'm still drawing anatomy! I've been thinking about the sternocleidomastoid muscle, that beautiful muscle that connects between the back of the ear and runs diagonally down to the collarbone. I remember learning about this muscle from an old illustration friend in undergrad, and how drawing it makes people look awesome. I also recently overexerted mine during a pilates class.

Also from the sketchbook, what's not to love about a young, handsome David Bowie?

My latest poster is for a wonderful show that's coming up, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion at the Bug Jar! What a treat to do a poster for a band that's been bringing it for over twenty years. I can't wait to see them! This poster also helped me to confront my fear of Koi Fish. I had to go to the conservatory to shoot reference of them, and when they come above water with their mouths it unsettles me. When they swim and keep their weird mouths underwater, however, they are quite graceful. Below, the original sketch:

The original print:
The final product! Cheers!

Finally, my illustrations have made it overseas! The band Phly Boyz have printed up some stellar cards!