Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Don't forget to breathe.

Today marked a real honor in my illustration career, as I hung my work at the Lululemon Athletica Rochester Showroom. About five years ago, I started going to the gym on a regular basis while I had the wonderful RIT gym to work out in. It marked a turning point in my life. I grew up as a chubby, sensitive kid who quit things easily. I can remember the few times that I did sign up for sports just not working out. For some reason, at age 25, it clicked for me. I lost weight, gained confidence, and gained a healthy outlet for tension in life. As I left college and entered into the "real world", I no longer had a gym membership. I became obsessed with my bike. Each year I became stronger and did more, it became a way to set goals for myself as well. About a year and a half ago, I came to yoga. My New Years resolution was based on three factors; I was training for a 100 mile bike ride, I had hurt my lower back that fall, and I was transitioning out of a dying relationship. I came to yoga for purely physical reasons, but my practice soon became so much more to me. My mat became a refuge, a home base, and as I travel, my mat goes with me. The community that I have met through my home studio, Tru Yoga, have become some of my favorite friends. Sharing the commonality of yoga, we all come from different areas of life and we all have wisdom to share. My outlook on life has changed dramatically through my practice as well. Finally, my practice inspired me to start doing anatomy studies this past fall. The human body is so amazing, and I've really enjoyed putting this show together, and I hope to continue this show as a traveling show that is always evolving. I will be having an opening reception for this show, date TBA. Below, some shots of the show hanging:

Monday, July 8, 2013

Got the flavor.

Dear blog friends, I had a great last month. I launched my website! Carla Bartow (.com) is IN FULL EFFECT! I have to thank my friend Carly for being a huge help, thank you!!!!!

Of course, I made a new business card to match, because that's how I roll. You may recognize this bear from an earlier tee shirt design for Righteous Babe Records.

On a personal note, I saw Mister David Byrne for the first time in my life about two weeks ago. The influence that this man's music, art, and writing has had on me... I can't start to describe. The choreography of the set was amazing, and the music... well... I'm still buzzing.. I am truly blessed.

My latest project has been for The Driftwood Sailors' goodbye show. I am sad that I get to know this band through their last show, as the nautical theme is a favorite of mine. While working on this print, I moved studios, which was pretty major. Below, the first print that I made in my new studio.
Ladies and gents, the final product! I'm really, really happy with how it came out.