Monday, July 8, 2013

Got the flavor.

Dear blog friends, I had a great last month. I launched my website! Carla Bartow (.com) is IN FULL EFFECT! I have to thank my friend Carly for being a huge help, thank you!!!!!

Of course, I made a new business card to match, because that's how I roll. You may recognize this bear from an earlier tee shirt design for Righteous Babe Records.

On a personal note, I saw Mister David Byrne for the first time in my life about two weeks ago. The influence that this man's music, art, and writing has had on me... I can't start to describe. The choreography of the set was amazing, and the music... well... I'm still buzzing.. I am truly blessed.

My latest project has been for The Driftwood Sailors' goodbye show. I am sad that I get to know this band through their last show, as the nautical theme is a favorite of mine. While working on this print, I moved studios, which was pretty major. Below, the first print that I made in my new studio.
Ladies and gents, the final product! I'm really, really happy with how it came out.

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