Friday, February 11, 2011

there's a gap in between

What happens when two Carlas meet? Well, in this case, I met this lovely Carla Morris at a craft fair in early September at Artist's Row right after a fabulous weekend at Indie Fest. Taken by her cute hair clips and awesome hats, I took a peek. Upon seeing her name was Carla, I instantly went into an introduction of how we are comrades with the same sweet name. I bought some hair clips in hopes to wear them to work at Orange Glory, then on a bike date with a boy I'd had my eye on. It turned out that she had a show coming up at Orange Glory! Down the road, we talked about designing a nice header for her etsy/blog/website (my, how marketing illustration has changed in the past ten years!). I'm proud to present the FINAL LOGO!!!!!

I'm hanging my show at SUNY Geneseo in the Kinetic Gallery next Monday, opening on Wednesday! This is a brand new piece that I'm working on for that, a painting of a hipster violinist taken in Williamsburg this past September.

For this show, I'm also framing up original prints with the original drawings, then on a pedestal underneath I'll have the original linoleum block on display as well, which will help the students understand my process. Also on display near these will be the digital output prints of these illustrations!

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