Saturday, February 26, 2011

while the sun is bright, or in the darkest night, no one knows.

The boss lady's birthday is coming up again, this year I'm making some gift cards for Orange Glory, since ours have been a little lacking for a few years, and I'll be printing up about 250 of them. This is the image I have so far, next comes the type!!!

I've been working on sketching more, I feel like since I was in "show mode", my sketchbook got neglected, so I set up a still life that I've been drawing from this past week. I love the angles in the dried roses.

I taught a master class at SUNY Geneseo this week about painting on windows, and my friend Chris was cool enough to dress up as Beethoven and model for us! This was my painting from the class... also... they wrote a sweet sweet review of my show there, check it out here.


Patricia Egan said...

I was looking at your blog on the class you taught I was wondering why they were painting on glass, it look awesome really!

CarlaJ said...

Thanks! I started painting on windows while doing live painting with bands. When they asked me to do a show at SUNY Geneseo, they also asked me to teach a master class, so I decided that painting on windows would be a fun thing to teach. Yet another media to turn to in the studio now when I get A.D.D.