Sunday, August 8, 2010

your bottle is empty, but your glass has been filled.

Ever since I saw the film Exit Through the Gift Shop, my eyes have been peeled for new and different graffiti in my city. There's a sweet bike tour coming up in Rochester to tour graffiti around the city, what could possibly be better??!!! I noticed this new guy on my way to Pittsford this morning.

It was a week of some sweet bike rides, including one out to Charlotte Beach. There was the most beautiful weather, although no swimming.

This was on a ride home from Wegmans after seeing SOME STUDIO SPACES IN THE HUNGERFORD BUILDING! That's right, as of September I will be amongst some of my friends renting a studio in this wonderful building... and it will be my first studio outside of my house since I was in undergrad. I got to explore a few studios of friends who work there currently, which only fed my excitement tenfold. A perfect evening capped off with a glorious sunset!

One of my friends at a group ride had this sticker on his bike, which I had to send immediately to my Prius-lovin-parents. Tee hee :)

Woooo sketchbook! It's about time I drew the man who has the midas touch when it comes to collaborations in music, Danger Mouse, aka Brian Burton. I've loved (and still do love) so many of the things he's had a hand in during the past few years. I've also secretly wanted an afro all of my life... and drawing it helped me live vicariously through his.

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Shalini said...

That's so sweet that you're getting a collaborative studio! I hope it'll be buzzing with creativity and inspiration.