Monday, November 10, 2008

14 hours on a train cumulatively = not as harsh as the flight to Australia

So I took the train voyage for a fantastic stay in Brooklyn this weekend. On the train, I drew this lovely fella, which sparked the following:
Carla: looks up after smelling waft of patchouli and body odor, sees hippie heading towards her
Patchouli Boy: "Is that Mississippi John Lee Hooker?"
CB: "Why yes it is"
PB: "He's wonderful. You sure do draw well."
CB: "Why thank you."

Moral of the story: it's always good to have fans, even if they smell funky.


Matt said...

you're getting damn good. Your illies have such character. Keep it up girlie!!! Love Massive Masta Matt.

Greg Caggiano said...

sick drawing, Carla, keep it up!!!

Your linework is improving with each drawing I see.