Tuesday, January 13, 2009

you can call me al. or, the gozz knows

Oh hey, the holidays are over. It's 2009. What have I been up to you ask? Working on my show. Framing, matting, furrowing my brow. The opening is this Friday, the 16th, at 240 East Avenue in Rochester, New York from 6-9pm. I've been pretty crafty lately as well, working on my rug out of pompoms you see on top there. Tie them together and it's a fuzzy warm rug on a cold hardwood floor. Finally, I'm working on my final sketch to give to the happy couple, ALison and ALan for their wedding invite. I can't wait to paint it!!!!!


Shalini said...

Ohhhh see when you were working on this, from what I saw in your references, I thought you were going to have Alison and her fiancée looking in the mirrors (facing each other) but on opposite sides of the wall.

Dan Ferreira said...

Great job!!