Monday, February 9, 2009

it was there i found a book bound with leather, let it flow

oh hello. one night my roommate ralph requested that i draw him. ralph has really interesting features, including a pretty amazing brow and his mother's eyes, but in the past year he's been growing out the hair for a film that he's in. as much as we call him jesus/charles manson, he keeps on. it was a lot of fun drawing him from his pose :)
first drawing of the day the other day... from a yoga magazine at javas. oh, and reggie too <3

since this guy i know was published in bestlife magazine, i decided to give it a look-see. i find the articles incredibly interesting, and the photorefs pretty dapper. oh, and bubbles snuck in there too.

finally, my fave drawing that i've ever done of greggles. despite the wonky arm. location: javas :)