Sunday, December 20, 2009

holidays a'brewin

It's been a great week! Two pieces sold from the show, and I started my holiday card today, a little late... but better late than never.... it will be DIMENSIONALLLLLLLLL! I gave up for the night when my little model lost her head, but this is a nice detail of the hair. I hope to have her done tomorrow night, so I can paint her up well, photograph, and make it into a beautiful holiday postcard that I can send out before new years!

So you were wondering what I realllllllllly want for Christmas? Well, I'm craving a new road bike, and there's a place in Brooklyn where you can build your own bamboo bike. Pricey for me? You bet they are. But how sweet would it be to ride around town on a bamboo bike that YOU BUILT? Endlessly sweet. According to this week's City newspaper, Rochester is an emerging world-class cycling spot, but I could have told you that :)

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Greg Caggiano said...

if you were cool you'd ride a bike made out of whale bones