Saturday, May 22, 2010

the go-getter

I'm still alive! Since hell week ended, I've been busy with some personal work, and some great great GREAT opportunities have surfaced in the meantime.

That's a bust! Years ago, in undergrad, I did a project on one of many organizations that take plaster casts of women, and have artists decorate the busts, which are then auctioned off to with proceeds going towards breast cancer. The Roc City Roller Derby is participating, and I was EXTREMELY honored that I was asked to decorate one of the busts. I gessoed it today, and I'm going to meet up with my derby girl this week to discuss what's going on with these boobies :)

I've wanted to do a self portrait for awhile, and I was really interested in these old windows I found on the curb. I'm trying to incorporate foreground and background in a new way with these, and this was my first go. It's not entirely finished yet.

I've also become OBSESSED with the new Black Keys album, Brothers, that came out this week. I may just have to draw that duo.... Dan Auerbach is super fun to draw, and Patrick Carneys glasses are pretty sweet too. I've watched the video for "Tighten Up" more times than I'd like to admit.

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Anonymous said...

Nice art work! I'm into this whole blog thing too... if you ever need a dance partner look me up.