Sunday, June 13, 2010

you intrigue me

My friend Joey Mac has a beautiful collection of bicycles, and was kind enough to let me draw one of them to add to my new blog header! I guess I just got tired of drawing my own bike, I wanted something different... thanks Joey!

The live painting with Walri show was such a blast! Thank you to everyone who came out, danced, made sculpey creations, and helped raise money for ArtPeace!! This is me with my live painting, congrats to the fellow who bought it. Photo by Gerry Szymanski.

A recent, pretty funky sketch of Jakob Dylan reminded me of why I love drawing them; their BEAUTIFUL EYES. The painting of Bob Dylan was done in 2007, and when I was working on it I fell in love with the way the inner corners (tear ducts) of his eyes are shaped. Something maybe only an artist would notice... and definitely something I would awkwardly say to them, "by the way... I was drawing you... and you have the most perfectly shaped tear ducts"

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