Monday, April 11, 2011

a pig. in a cage. on antibiotics.

I'm finally back in the studio after a week of craziness! Taking on a second job at a sweet bike shop has forced me to re-prioritize my life! I never realized how much I took my excess free/studio time for granted! Nevertheless, like Liz Lemon, I can have it all. I even filed my taxes today! Below, a portrait of my friend Joe from a business card I'm working on for him.

May is national bike month, and it's sneaking up steadily! I'm starting out the month by doing the five boro bike tour yet again, but Rochester is having our very own bike week May 20-28. I'm planning my Seersucker Social to fall gracefully into that schedule on May 22. Below, two poster designs (minus type) for Rochester Bike Week.

I really like the incorporation of the Rochester flower with this one, but I feel like it'll only be out a matter of minutes before the city freaks out and pulls it. Hence the two designs. A big thank you to my friend Joey for the sweet reference of the Sears Spyder MK-5 from his extensive collection of bicycles.


EscapeHatch said...

Nice bike illos. Thought you might dig this illustrator Matt Taylor. He has a bunch of work in The Ride Journal that I sent you a while back. Check him out:

Joe said...

Is this gonna be a spoke card?! :-D

Joseph said...

Yay Sears Spyder! Thanks for the Shout Out!