Sunday, December 4, 2011

Rye whiskey

I've been wanting to do a good dog drawing since I first saw Iron and Wine's beautiful cover art for The Shepherd's Dog, done by none other than Sam Beam of Iron and Wine. Beautiful.
I was also inspired by a really sweet dog on the train to Boston last week. This is my sketch of a whippet, I'm loving this dog's face structure, and coat. Beautiful!
Some new window paintings that are available for you holiday art shoppers at Wine Sense!!! Very exciting!
I went on an adventure the other day in search of architecture to photograph for an art-trade project. My travels took me out to Highland Park, to the "castle". It was really fun to run around here and have the place all to myself :)
From there, I went down to Mt. Hope cemetery. Do you know the difference between a graveyard and a cemetery? A cemetery has a fence around it, a graveyard does not.
I used to hike around cemeteries and graveyards quite frequently, and I do miss it. It's utterly peaceful, and many times, quite beautiful.
Mount Hope is well-known for its topography, featuring many eskers, which make hiking around really fun.
I was struck by the beauty of the old graves, yet again, for the art and typography from those who came before me.
It's sad to see that not every grave can be taken care of, despite the many workers at the cemetery. This one is a reminder of returning to the earth. One day, we, too, will be forgotten.


Shalini said...

Sam Beam! He put on a lovely private show for our office not too long ago.

Arden said...

Like the whippet much..just had a good cemetary bike and photo after the snow yesterday.. My neglected blog...