Wednesday, April 4, 2012

take the dark out of the nighttime, and paint the daytime black.

I've had some adventures in printmaking recently. For the first time, during my last letterpress class, I took my carved linoleum to the presses. This was my first time printing with oil based ink as well. Before:
After: what great ink coverage! It just shines!
NOT PRINTED ON A PRESS, here's my ongoing project for Nomad Yoga. The blue was my first time using water-soluble oil ink, after my conversion from the above printing.
After: the print on the right is in the old cheap speedball acrylic ink, the print on the left is the new ink! The blue has some beautiful variation in tone.
I also printed another old poster on the press! I have a few weeks hiatus between classes to catch up on carving lino, thank god. Many, many projects in the works!

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