Monday, December 10, 2012

About a year from now, I say goodnight.

For the holidays, I have switched gears a little bit and started work on some portrait commissions. I felt a little rusty, so I did a lot of portrait studies and worked extra hard. I took a break from the linoleum and the window paintings as well, because sometimes you just need to switch up media. Below, a Jakob Dylan sketch:
The commissioned portrait! If you know the kids in this picture, SHHHH IT'S A SURPRISE PRESENT FOR MOM!!!!
I finished up my poster for the Windsor Folk Family! Below is layer one:
And the finished poster:
Finally, I got to be a part of my first calendar! The Genesee Center for the Arts puts out a letterpress calendar every year, and I am proud to say I am November 2013! It was really fun to get back into letter pressing, and to eat at Dogtown because it's right next door :)

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Anonymous said...

love the portrait! and congrats on the gca calendar- awesome!!