Monday, March 25, 2013

Please excuse me but I've got to ask, are you only being nice because you want something?

Right now, two musicians that I'm really into have some new music out. Not only is the new music good, the art for their albums is done by linocut artists like myself. First of all, Stanley Donwood has done Radiohead merch illustration for YEARS. His fold-out cover of The Eraser has been on my studio wall since the album came out, I just adore his work. Atoms for Peace's new album, Amok, features his illustrations in the packaging and in some of the music videos.

The second artist that has a new album out I first saw at SXSW at the Palm Door in 2010. I more recently saw her in Buffalo with the Punch Brothers. Anais Mitchell and Jefferson Hamer's "Child Ballads" came out less than a week ago, featuring the art of Peter Nevins. Nevins' earlier album cover that he illustrated for Anais, "Hadestown", was nominated for a Grammy for the album cover design! That's pretty swanky, if you ask me.

Speaking of album cover art, I created the back illustration for Liana Gabel's new album. The type will go under the umbrella for the track listings.

I also created an "evergreen" poster for Liana to tour with for this album.... kind of the fill in the blanks poster.

I got the Anatomy Show poster all finished up! The show is coming up on May 11. It's time to make flyers and get advertising that show.

I'm really excited to see old and new friends at this show in April at Abilene! Record Store Day is such a wonderful hipster holiday. I can't believe how much it has grown in the past few years. I played around with different color layerings in my final output of it... and I can't choose a favorite, I guess I'll let the client do that.

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