Sunday, November 1, 2009

bike sweat

My goal this October was 200 miles biked on the Erie Canal trail... and on Thursday I rode my final 27! It feels really great :) During my last ride, I took a few pictures to document some of my favorite parts. They're in no particular order... above is my 10 mile mark, Long Pond Road in Greece.

This is my bike! For a few weeks, there was another Raleigh Sportif parked here with road bike handlebars and a road bike saddle. I always stop to stretch at about 23 miles, in Pittsford, where I can watch the ducks.
This was taken while riding, the colors were spectacular this autumn. Still are, in fact!
In the background you can see one of the bridges that I cross. This is right near the launch site for college crew teams, I've happened upon a few crew meets this month.
Finally, biking gear! The argyle socks are necessary, and I change it up based on weather. Twice this month there were 32 degree mornings, and I had to layer it up quite a bit, but they were some of the most beautiful ones, with steam rising off of the canal as the sun rose, foxes running along the trail with me, and the gorgeous sunshine on the canal as it rises :)

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Shalini said...

Thank you for taking us on this journey, Carla! Congrats!!!