Monday, November 30, 2009

the countdown!

As illustration students, photo reference was drilled and drilled into our heads. The embarrassment at critiques when someone would ask if you got reference for what you were drawing... well NPR has a great great great story that features the great Norman Rockwell's photo ref and paintings, side by side. It's really interesting to see where he took liberties, and the real people that became ingrained in the American culture as characters that would live on forever.

ladies and gentlemen, it is officially less than TWO WEEKS until my opening! i laid out my pictures a little while ago, decided that i'd do one more christmas appeasement, and one more dark piece to balance them all out. This is the Christmas appeasement piece. I truly need to get a good camera to photograph these slightly dimensional pieces, as the scanner doesn't do them justice.

I procrastinate, it's true. John Kelly's adorable animation about procrastination that was recently featured on drawn really sums it up. I make a lot of tea.

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