Tuesday, April 6, 2010


first and foremost, i went home for the holiday. being an avid follower of john hendrix's blog, i often wish i went to church more often, since his drawings in church are so cool. being in church for easter, this was my drawing.

if you know anything about me, you know that i absolutely love the music of langhorne slim. much to my surprise, he stopped into my cafe today with his band on the way to toronto for a few shows!!!!!! i blushed really deeply, and chatted with him for a bit. it was quite nice. i did not get a picture with him, but above you see proof that he was there!!! he signed a few of my cds too :)


Jamie Douglas said...

One of my friends goes to Washington University in saint louis and has had John Hendrix as a teacher!

CarlaJ said...

MMMmmmm jealous. I phone interviewed Mr. Hendrix for a class assignment during my last year at RIT, he's a super nice guy.