Thursday, April 22, 2010

My cousins went to South Africa, and all I got were these awesome photo references...

Yesterday was my birthdayyyyy!!! This is the lambshank I got for dinner from the Old Toad, most of which is still in my fridge. I'll be working on it until my next birthday... it's quite the intimidating piece of meat.

It has been a GORGEOUS week here in Rochester!!!! The other night I went for a nice walk around Highland Park during the magic hour with some good friends and their good dogs :)

More food highlights! Sushi bowl at brunch at Piranha on a slightly hungover Sunday morning. Twas incredible.

I'm on a bit of a South Africa kick. My aunt, uncle, and two boys moved over to South Africa with IBM in the fall of 2008. Recently, two of my cousins went over to visit them, and I was spoiled by the pictures they took. This sketch, however, came from an article on NPR that I was drawn into, about David Goldblatt, a photographer in South Africa, the earliest photos being from the 1960s. The images drew me in, the people, the relationship of a hand to a book, the forced eye contact with the subjects, the beauty of the shadows.

This is a preview to my South Africa piece, a few of the many animals I have drawn up. This piece will be the largest one that I've done since I was a Fine Arts major, but so different. Surprises await!

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