Monday, July 19, 2010

Don't call me when the new age gets old enough to drink.

As I mentioned in a previous post, my good friend Shalini had given me a much needed kick in the butt to get back into linoleum block printing, which used to be all I did in undergrad. Being in a circus/carnival frame of mind, I chose a lion for my first subject to get back into printing with. First I sketched it out:

Then I redrew it, cut it out, and printed it:

Bringing it into photoshop, I was met with a really happy surprise when playing around with layers and opacities, I am really intrigued by the interplay of the interior lines here:

I was able to see my friends from the band 28 North again in Rochester last night! We had a lot of fun, even though the venue was a bit of a different feel from my old favorite, Abilene. They're on tour now, so check out their schedule to see if they are headed to a city near you! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND going to see them! Below is a collaborative sketch that my friend Kira and I did while the boys were playing:

A collaborative sketch with some of the boys in the band, me, Kira, and the girl sitting next to us (sorry, I had to edit some content to keep this blog family friendly).


Shalini said...

Yes! I fully love this lino-lion (I see what you did there...) I really think this and watercolors are your medium, Carla.

Katrina Scislowski said...

Great lion! Love the experimentation. It's always nice to see more of this medium. I also enjoyed the text that you had in the sketch.

Are you having another show anytime soon? (I wish I hadn't missed the last one.)

CarlaJ said...

Thank you for the kind words! Katrina, I have a few shows in the works at the moment, but I need to set dates with the curators of the galleries still. I will keep you posted, it's always fun to get together with members of our class at art openings!