Friday, July 16, 2010

It's so easy, when you know the rules.

Progress on my Thom Yorke sketch :) Making the shapes in this reminded me of a simpler time when I mapped out shapes for linoleum block prints. As if reading my mind, I got a (not so subtle) reminder from a good friend of mine that I should really start printing again. DULY NOTED! I'll be working on a new print this weekend, fear not!

In other news, the Avett Brothers just premiered their music video for "Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise". I LOVE the song already, and the video is absolutely beautiful. The artist involved is Jason Ryan Mitcham, go watch the video now. Be inspired by it!!!

Finally, I had a really fantastic chat with my dear friends, Robert Ernst Marx and his lovely wife Francie the other day at Orange Glory. They were telling me about the evils of the fine art world, contracts, and having your art stolen. It reminded me how blessed I am to know them, if you haven't checked his work out already, I urge you to! He is amazing and always inspires me to work harder and get better :)

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