Friday, December 31, 2010

And you'll fall asleep counting your blessings

It's the last day of 2010... a year that has treated me very well. This is where I get all sappy and reminisce over the blessings this year has brought to me. It was a year of firsts. These are just 15 of the many.

1. First trip to SXSW, for winning an art contest. A chance to see a lot of amazing bands, meet a lot of amazing people, and add some serious street cred to my resume.

2. First bike week in Rochester. So much fun!
3. First major bike crash since two summers ago. Skinned knees and bent wheels.
4. First tattoo (thanks Greg).

5. First time seeing a Langhorne Slim show since SUNY Purchase days. A lot of amazing concerts this year.
6. First live painting with a band.
7. First time falling in the Erie Canal (yeah, it's been a clumsy year as well).
8. First out of house studio since college, where I'm blogging from RIGHT NOW.
9. First full week catering job at Chapin Mills in Batavia. Zen.

10. First Five Boro Bike tour. It won't be my last!

11. First time organizing an event... the first annual Rochester tweed run!

12. First bike ride out to Marge's... a bar on the BEACH. One of many Rochester hidden gems discovered this year.
13. First Rochester Indiefest.

14. First time biking around NYC in traffic... so much fun, as long as you have someone with you who knows the ropes.
15. First time having an old professor at an art opening, I was so honored!

Here's a toast *clink* to 2011 being even better!

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