Tuesday, May 31, 2011

be the good little soldier

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend! After hanging a show last week, I took the weekend off for visiting family, old friends, and one new (to me) absolute amazement in the culinary world. I speak of, ladies and gentlemen, Strong Hearts Cafe, located in none other than Downtown Syracuse! I'm always the first to bash Syracuse youth culture, but this all-vegan cafe made me envious, we definitely have nothing on caliber with Strong Hearts in Rochester. Great theme, amazing and creative dishes, and I didn't even try a milkshake! I only wish I had taken pictures of our food :)
Sometimes it takes a trip home to really appreciate how far you've come since moving away. I had one of these realizations the other day... now if only I can hold onto that for the serious career/life-path disgruntled days, I'd be all set.

So... I hung my show at the brand-spanking new Roc Brewing Co. last week. I can't wait for them to open! The beer is great, the atmosphere is awesome, definitely something new and unique coming to Rochester. You can join me for a pint when they open, which will be VERYSOON!

Some sketches for my next show in September at Orange Glory Cafe, which is bicycle themed :) Yes, I haven't drawn in a week. Yes, I am rusty.

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