Monday, May 9, 2011

Ooooeeeoooooo, Killer Tofu

I'm back! I promised that I wouldn't leave forever. To make up for the lack of blogging, here's a SUPERBLOG.

First and foremost, I went down for a stay in Brooklyn for a few days at the end of April/beginning of May. Let me tell you, the FOOD was phenomenal! Pictured below, we ate breakfast our first morning at Four & Twenty Blackbirds. With a minimal logo, a charming interior, and the most delicious artisan pies I've ever had... I had fallen in love. From there, we had some crazy awesome sushi, amazing Mexican, well-deserved post bike tour French food at Moutarde, and yeah, we couldn't stop going to get sandwiches at 'Snice (the most delicious vegetarian/vegan sandwich place, whom I wish had a website!). We may have missed our first train back and had to stay an extra day... but that was just an excuse to try more food :)

Oh yeah, we rode in the 5boro Bike tour as well! This year we got a little lost after lunch and had to ride around to find the group. Luckily, we made it to the end okay, and got the ferry back!

You can tell that I'm writing this blog while a bit hungry for dinner... but I've become OBSESSED with fresh bagels lately. The other morning we made some everything bagels up with fresh made veggie cream cheese... soooo good.

Before you bake the bagels, you boil them. This is what a boiled bagel becomes (I couldn't help the alliteration!).

A sketch of a logo I'm working on for Roni's Rochester Study of Healthy Minds and Bodies. This is the first time I've sketched in charcoal in years!

A finished commissioned painting for a farmer friend. BOEUF! BOEUF! BOEUF!

So then, I started wondering about the cuts of beef.

Finally, a finished version of the Seersucker Social poster. It's coming up soon!

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