Saturday, August 2, 2014

I still had legs and arms

We are halfway through summer! After tearing down my last art show, I noticed that pet portraits were really popular. We love our pets. In Oregon, we either love or love to hate rain. Surprisingly, it's been a pretty dry summer here. I started a series after thinking about this... called "it's raining cats and dogs". These are currently on display at the Bare Bones Cafe, along with other pieces.

I went out to the Oregon Country Fair! It was pretty fun. Before we went in, my cousins and I got bedazzled.

I've been dreaming of going to figure drawing for quite awhile. My roommate and I finally went this month, and it was so much fun! My new goal is to fit it into my schedule once a month.

I started a new project with a fun new client, and one of my favorite things to do when working out a new project that has a significant "feeling" to it is doing color studies. I spent an afternoon sketching on my porch one weekend... which is one of the perks of gorgeous summer days!

Some of the sketches for the project...

From the sketchbook, Chris Thile.

I finished up this tee shirt design for Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons! Elephants can high-five and lo-five at the same time.

Finally, I just started a new zodiac series, starting with my own sign.

So many projects are coming up in August! I'm doing a few projects with old friends on the East Coast, teaching my first class, and celebrating the Birthday of one of my favorite celebrities through art :)

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