Thursday, August 28, 2014

Remember that it's just a cameo.

Happy new moon to y'all! As August comes to a close, so does the summer. I've had a ball this summer, and one of the things that I got to do was crafts in the park with kids with Collage. Here's a picture from pipe cleaner jewelry night. Notice my crown? I'm the queen of pipe cleaner jewelry!

I'm super excited about my most recent poster. I've been working with The Barn Owl for a few years now, and my request for this year's poster was to draw fireflies. I'm also exploring some new printing methods, inspired by a printmaking class that I taught.

You're probably wondering, "What is this revolutionary new printmaking method that she's using?" It's multiple colored prints! Holy wow! I need to get a few new things to really perfect it, but I'm loving it so far. The first poster I tried in this method was for the fab Brooklyn band Every Flavor Weather Machine.

I can't go through a summer without a nautical poster, and I just love how the color fade made it look so refreshing. Ahhhhh... also I want to be a mermaid.
Here's a revised sketch that I did for a project that I've been working on based on Butte, MT and a general sense of dread.

I've been working in a brand-new media to me, watercolor directly on wood. It's had a cool effect so far.

After going in the with the watercolor layer, I go in with acrylic paint markers and some solvent-based brush pen markers to tighten it up.

The best holiday in August is Julia Child's birthday, hands down. Here's a sweet old podcast with a Julia Child interview.

Finally, some photos of what my linoleum block printing class made. I had so much fun teaching for the first time!

I guess the things I'll miss most about summer are watching the kids leave for bike camp every morning at the Community Cycling Center, and the shady areas in the parks.

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