Monday, October 5, 2009

Many things to share!

visiting with some family over the weekend, i stumbled upon this adorable picture of my mom when she was little :)
i've also been inspired to post some of my sketches based on inktober, since i mainly sketch in ink anyways. when i started sketching in ink, i had my trepidations, but it's become second nature to me over the years, and i love the freedom of it.
based on this sketch, the next few pictures that i do for my show will have text incorporated. i love the simplicity of this sketch, but i also want to look at my personal text/image master, sterling hundley, for more inspiration.
a new piece for my show.... no explanation really needed.
and finally, to recap the trip down memory lane to the catskills, the view from my aunt and uncle's house. throughout my childhood, we traveled up here every month to visit my grandmother and other family in the area. over time, the trips became less frequent, my grandmother eventually moved to a condo in woodstock before passing away. coming back up here reminds me of my roots, my love of the mountain and the area, the importance of family, and my desire to come back and reconnect more often.


Jamie Douglas said...

Wooo Carla, that spider peice is bad ass!

CarlaJ said...

Thanks Jamie!