Tuesday, October 13, 2009

sail us to the moon

first and foremost, i have been getting a lot of slack lately for my pieces for my new show not being "normal" enough. so here's a sketch of carla selling out, doing a tiny tim piece for the christmas season.
i'm also putting some classical style portraits in the show, this is a rough sketch of my friend gayle, who you may remember from an earlier post.
In the sociopath piece, i drew inspiration from one of my scrap sheets, seen above. I had gotten gesso all over it while painting the spider web for the black widow piece, and i absolutely love playing with watercolor over gesso. i played with the media further, and had a lot of fun! i love how it resists.

oh hey, 30 Rock's new season starts thursday! who has two thumbs, doesn't speak limited french, and is super pumped? THIS MOI! some old sketches of my girl crush tina fey and the ever sexy alec baldwin.

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