Monday, August 8, 2011

faces all blast off

There are a lot of new things I've been working on in the studio, and having little to no internet in the studio has been terribly frustrating as of late. Below, the sketch for a painting I'm working on of my fabulous friend Jenna of Tryon Bike. Jenna is a bike mechanic extraordinaire, and was kind enough to let me hang out for awhile, talk about bikes, and take her picture :)

More work for Flour City Shows: below a final sketch and first lino of a logo!

I'm also working with the Eastman School of Music on their "Day of Service" for incoming freshman. This is my second year doing the tee-shirt design, and here's the final sketch from that, complete with notes!

Jenna all sketched out on the watercolor paper!

Finally, I'm hanging six new food paintings at Lento on August 15!!! What an honor! Here are the first two!

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