Saturday, November 5, 2011

I just went down by the water.

I'm trying to create an entire new body of work for a future show, and the beginning part is definitely 1. really fun 2. really scary 3. really crazy. So many ideas are going around in my head, here's a few ink sketches to warm up with. The fabulous Adele:
A cute little bird:
I got some inspiration this weekend as well going to the art opening of RIT Illustration alum/gradstudent Ben Rubin. It's always REALLY fun to catch up with fellow RIT Illustrators along their paths down the road of life. It featured Ben's prolific, gestural, musical sketchbooks, his father's shiny colorful paintings, his sister's crafts and dark, colorful paintings, and his step sister's gorgeous wood block prints. What a talented family! From Ben's blog:

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