Monday, November 28, 2011

Let's get out of here, past the atmosphere.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I enjoyed mine, traveling to Massachusetts to see family and going into Boston for Black Friday! You can only imagine my EXTREME EXCITEMENT when I got off of the train to see a BIKE SHARE! Roni and I were able to bike around Boston all day for only $5! The system is incredibly well-organized, and the bikes were extremely user friendly. The gears could be easily used by anyone, they had a nice step through frame for ladies and gents alike, easily adjusted seatposts with numbers to remember, very low gears, a nice comfortable cruiser setup, and big old tires complete with fenders to take any pothole you might encounter without damage! If the bikes were in need of repair, there was a button that you pressed when you returned the bike. Having read of bike shares in other countries, I am so proud that now I have used one! Another part that was a favorite of mine is the front rack with bungee cord, so you could carry groceries, your purse, jacket, etc!
Below, some sketches from the Massachusetts trip, on the left, Elmo the bloodhound, on the right, train times.
A very fun beginning to a VERY exciting project!
An old sketch of Roni from Java's.

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